Aligners FAQ

How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost?

It’s difficult to answer this question in a general way, as the total price of treatment will obviously vary depending on the patient. Some types of issues simply take longer to correct than others and the longer the treatment goes, the more money you’ll need to pay.

Having said that, most patients find that Invisalign works out to be just about the same cost as traditional braces – all for an experience that is far more comfortable and discreet, too.

How Often Do You Change Clear Corrective Trays?

The precise frequency at which you change your clear corrective trays will vary depending on the severity of the issues you’re attempting to correct. However, most people find that they swap out trays every two weeks on average.

Are Clear Aligners Effective?

Invisalign clear aligners are incredibly effective thanks to the precise 3D measurements of your mouth that are taken before treatment begins. Using this information, your dental professional will know exactly what steps need to be taken to achieve your desired results as quickly as possible – all with far fewer trips to the orthodontist, too.

How Long Does It Take for Clear Aligners to Work?

By design, you should begin to see results with Invisalign almost immediately. After your first set of trays in the sequence is done and you move onto the second one, your teeth will already begin to shift in small but important ways. From that perspective, Invisalign is “hard at work” in your mouth, moving your teeth into their desired positions, every single day.

Are There Any Diet Restrictions?

Another one of the major factors that people love about Invisalign is that there are absolutely no dietary restrictions to speak of. Thanks to the fact that the trays themselves are removable, all you need to do is take them out of your mouth before a meal and you can eat literally whatever you want.

This is as opposed to traditional braces, where you need to be concerned about avoiding foods that are particularly chewy, crunchy, or even sticky.

As a note: make sure that you always brush and floss your teeth BEFORE you put your aligners back in your mouth after a meal.

How Do Aligners Work?

As stated, Invisalign aligners work by very precisely moving your teeth into their desired position over time – usually a period of about two years. Every two weeks or so, you’ll swap out one set of aligners in the sequence for the next and your teeth will continue to shift in the most comfortable way possible.

Are Clear Aligners Right For Me?

The fact of the matter is, there is no one type of corrective dental treatment that is perfect for all patients. Every patient is a bit different from the next and while many people are ideal candidates, some are not.

This is again part of the reason why that initial consultation with your dental professional is so important. During this meeting, he or she will go over all of your options with you to help you make the best decision with regards to your time, your money, and (most importantly) your oral health.

Can I Use Aligners for Limited Treatment?

Most patients choose to go through the Invisalign treatment process comprehensively – meaning that they’re trying to achieve total alignment between their teeth, their bite, their jaw, and other factors.

Depending on exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish, this may not be totally necessary – which is why limited treatment is also something you should explore.

Limited treatment is exactly what it sounds like – it can achieve certain types of corrective actions in a far faster time frame than comprehensive options. Generally speaking, this is ideal for situations where you’re simply trying to achieve a better-looking smile – though some level of coordination with your regular dentist may also be needed for more cosmetic dental procedures.

So while using Invisalign aligners for limited treatment is entirely possible, it again may not be the best option for your specific situation. Don’t worry, your dental professional will go over all of this with you in advance so that you’re always making the best and most informed decision that you can.