Your Journey Toward a New Smile

Types of Aligners

If you’ve decided to go with clear aligners over more “traditional” metal braces, it’s important to understand that you have more options available to you than ever.

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Invisalign for Teens

Teen patients in particular love the fact that there are no wires or brackets to speak of with Invisalign. Not only does this help avoid unnecessary delays in treatment because there is nothing that can break, but they also don’t have a mouth filled with metal that can potentially cause pain as well.

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Invisalign for Adults

One of the biggest reasons why an adult should consider Invisalign is because the types of dental issues that treatment is intended to correct can happen at literally any age. Our mouths continue to develop well into adulthood, which means that just because you weren’t born with something like an overbite doesn’t mean one won’t develop later on.

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Aligners FAQ

Invisalign clear aligners are incredibly effective thanks to the precise 3D measurements of your mouth that are taken before treatment begins. Using this information, your dental professional will know exactly what steps need to be taken to achieve your desired results as quickly as possible – all with far fewer trips to the orthodontist, too.

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Retainers for Life

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